23. April 2019
BREAKING NEWS... Upgrade your Funwear Gloves! The original Funwear gloves are good, but we knew we could do better! Over the past season we've been experimenting with different glove designs. Some of you loved the 2018/19 season's design with the velcro fastening and the short cuffs, but lots of parents wanted longer cuffs that can go over or under the sleeves of the Snow Funwear. So here's the new design:

16. April 2019
We have a super exciting project coming up so Funwear fans don't miss the snow too much. Meet Zebra and Leopard, who are going on a world tour.

15. April 2019
We've dipped our feet into the YouTube water and launched the WeeDo Funwear channel with the cutest little snowboarding video you ever did see!

02. April 2019
The Snowboarding Family is a family which we have followed on social media for some time: Kathi, Lilo and their 4 kids are an inspirational bunch: Lilo’s dad, Dieter, started snowboarding way back in the 1980s, when snowboarding was just catching on. Since then a whole new generation has joined the snowboarding clan and they have amazing adventures on the snow. It’s not un-common to see three generations shredding the slopes together or hiking high up the Alps to find powder. Even the...

19. March 2019
Mid-March we had a wonderful weekend, where we were able to meet some old familiar friends and meet lots of new people. It was two days of beautiful spring weather with great snow conditions. Snow Space Salzburg hosted a select group of brands and 80 or so children and their families for a weekend that allowed them to try snowboards, skis, our snowsuits, get some free training from the experts and practice on a small Riglet course.

We have a responsibility to protect the planet for our kids.

At WeeDo, we are constantly evaluating the latest eco-friendly options for our products, while retaining the highest performance to keep kids warm and dry.  


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